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FOUNDED in 2009 Green Energy Panels are an economical way for commercial and residential properties to achieve a lower energy cost by changing the usage profile and by cleaning up the power being used.

Green Energy Panels use exclusive copyrighted software in a state-of-the-art, energy-saving, and power conditioning system.  The Green Energy Panels systems specifically engineered to effectively and economically optimize power.  The Green Energy Panels minimize disruptions to equipment or machinery.

The Panels use software working in the microprocessor to monitor each independent part of the units.  They monitor multiple problems, anomalies, and functions throughout the facility in which they are installed.

The Panels are designed to keep the power quality constant and balanced on each electrical breaker panel in which they are installed. Surveys by qualified sales personnel are used to determine which electric breaker panel will need a Green Energy Panel installed. Inductive loads from electric motors and other electrical applications are targeted in the surveys. Green Energy Panels are providing impressive savings with payback periods averaging less than eighteen months. They improve the quality of electrical service while reducing the usage profile, power penalties, maintenance, and downtime.



What are Green Energy Panels?

Green Energy Panels (GEP) are carbon reducing devices that are certified in both the USA and Canada as “Power Factor Correcting and line Surge Suppressor Devices”. They reduce the strain and loads on the electrical grids and keep the Power Factor in harmony at all times. Power Companies and Consumers alike should receive carbon credits for installing Green Energy Panels when Carbon Credits are available

Who needs Green Energy Panels?

Clients who have inductive electrical devices operating at any facility, GEP will help them save energy. Examples of Induction are: air conditioner electric motors, compressors, refrigeration units, chillers, freezers and electrical equipment of every kind which cycles on and off. When they start, additional electric energy is called upon to handle the power needed to start them. The needed reactive power can come in from outside in the form of Demand or from the GEP in the form of reactive energy. Demand comes with a surcharge from your electric provider. GEP is computerized and can recognize the need for the reactive power in the system and is provided to it before it can be pulled from the power grid.

Businesses both large and small are charged for their consumption of electricity plus a Demand Charge. It may be called a Power Factor Correction charge, a PHC penalty charge or a Harmonic Balance charge but all businesses in highly populated areas may be charged the Surge fee. Green Energy Panels are designed to reduce or totally eliminate a Surge charge.

How do Green Energy Panels work?

Green Energy Panels provide reactive energy needed when an induction occurs in a system. The GEP provides the reactive energy for an induction that would have otherwise come from outside the facility being pulled into the electrical system from the power grid. This provided reactive energy eliminates a spike in the electrical service which would have moved the power factor out of harmony and increased the electric bills.

Green Energy Panels are computerized so they can recognize the need for reactive energy in a system. The copyrighted software reacts in less than 2 milliseconds to any induction or increased need in an electrical system. The reaction time of the Green Energy Panels provides reactive power before a spike from outside can occur.

The reactive energy provided by the Green Energy Panels prevents electrical system overloads by way of increased amperage on a system that brings stress and damage to equipment. Thus the life expectancy of all equipment is greatly increased.

How are Green Energy Panels installed?

Green Energy Panels are installed by any licensed Electrician. There is a NEMA approved schematic is included with every Green Energy Panel shipped.

Will Green Energy Panels reduce electric bills?

Though Green Energy Panels are not allowed to guarantee any percentage of savings in your electric bill, the GEP is certified as a Power Factor Corrective Device (PFC) as well as a Line Surge Arrestor.

Any starting electric device calls for reactive energy from the outside electric source to start any electrical device (AC, Freezer, conveyor motor, pump, drill, welder, computer bank, lighting, etc…). The power company does not know how much reactive energy is needed so it sends all it has. The result is a surge on the meter, the electric bill, on the device being started and a wave of excess electricity in the form of a surge throughout the facility. When the surge returns to the electrical box, the excess electrical wave escapes out the ground wire and is wasted.

Green Energy Panels are designed to recognize the need for reactive energy demand via the copyrighted software inside. Instantly the GEP will provide the needed reactive power to start these devices without creating a costly electric company surge.

- Electric bills are reduced in several ways.
- Reducing the Surge wave of energy from the outside,
- Saving of the wasted electrical energy,
- Using that saved energy to help start an electrical device,
- More efficiency from your electrical equipment.

All are great reasons for putting Green Energy Panels on any facility.

What are the Green Energy Panel sizes?

The Green Energy Panels come in the sizes to meet the needs of Residential, Commercial and Industrial.

The standard sizes are:
R2401P – RESIDENTIAL – 120/240 volt single phase.
C2083P – COMMERCIAL – 120/208 volt three phase.
C2403P – COMMERICAL – 120/240 volt three phase.
I4803P – INDUST4RIAL – 277/480 volt three phase.

Installation is the responsibility of the purchaser and must be done by a licensed electrician.

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